“The photos are amazing Beth! Thank you SOOOO much!!!!!” Gaelle

“Beth’s contributions to our publications have been invaluable…” Dan, Velo News

“Beth, Damn you’re good.” S. Epstein

“It’s on my wall. I love it. I couldn’t be happier.” H. Hyman

“Hi Beth, Oh My God!!!! The photos are so beautiful.” -Emma, Rocky Mountain French American Chamber

Hey Beth, Thanks again for your great work this year–it really made our coverage and every year the shots get better and better. ”- Outside Magazine

“You have been absolutely wonderful to work with!” -Aaron Clendening, Workman Publishing

“When I think of the incredible freelance photographers…who contributed (to Velo News)…Beth Schneider…and others, wow, what a ride!” – John Rezell

“Hey Beth, Thank you so much! They look fantastic. We love your photos and will let you know if we could use any more pictures in the future!” Grayson

“Wow Beth! These shots are awesome!” Hincapie Sports

“Hi Beth, Thanks. You’ve been a star, thanks for everything!” Blue Train

“Hi Beth, Photos look terrific.” -Silvia

“They look fantastic. Thank you so much, super impressed and the lighting is terrific.” – Justin

“Beth, thank you so much! I really love my photos! Would like to keep in touch for future shoots! I will also recommend you to my network.” – Germine

“These photos are amazing! Thank you so much!!” -Alexandra

“Beth-The video, photos and YOU are fabulous!!!!! What an amazing gift you have given to our family. They are a treasure. God bless you!!!” Gloria

“I admire your photography. I also admired watching you at work, lugging all that gear in and out of vans and hustling to get in the right place at the right time to get the exact right shot. Here we are, years later, and I’m looking forward to seeing your photos in my upcoming book.” Peter Nye

“I love you. You are fabulous. I’m so happy with all the photos you’ve done for us. You’ve created all our family memories.” Amy V.

“Beth – these are spectacular! Thank you so much!” Laura

“Hi Beth, Thanks…the photos are really awesome. Exactly what we were looking for. I am very happy with the way it all worked out.” Ian

“I am proud to have your work illustrate some of the men and women who have raised the standards of American cycling. In this way, the photos are a tribute to your hard work, on trying conditions, to get your lens to record those fleeting moments. Your fan, – Peter “

Beth I love the pictures on your page. You are truly amazing! Good job! -N. Wells

“I love it, I love it. You’ve been so great to work with.” Donna Z.

“Hi Beth, The more I look at your pictures, the more I love them. Thank you so much!” -S. Rubin

“They’re beautiful. You’ve done an amazing job. We’ll be so proud to give our family those albums. And for us, as much as we love those photos now, as years go by they will be even more dear to us.” C.Egelman

“Thank you so much! We are flooding social media. we’re all happy” -Verlee

“Wow! Mille mercis Beth! Those are beautiful.” -Omar

“these are awesome beth!! thank you so much!! we hope to work with you again!” Samantha

“Beth, hi! The photos look awesome! These are perfect for what we need.” – Meghan

“Thanks so much! Your work is soooo good!” – Craig

“You are an awesome photographer…” – S.Lewis

“Thanks for your help and beautiful work, Beth.” Mary S.

“Thanks! Excellent Work! I’m really happy with how things turned out.” – Adam

“I love it! Great job!” – Todd

“Phenomenal photos. You can feel the emotion coming through.” -Giovanni

“Hi Beth, They look great. You did a fabulous job.” L. Meer

“Ces photos sont vraiement magnifiques. Ces vues sur ces photos donne tres envie de voir cette region apparemment d’une beaute epoustoufloante.” RW

“Thank you Beth. These look great!   I can’t wait to use them on the site and also for the portfolio. I also look forward to getting more projects done like this. Well done Beth!” _ Laura B

“Those are great pics Beth. Thanks so much.” Derek

“These are great. Thanks.” Patrick D.

“Love your work!” Joe B.

“These look great!” D. Treadwell

“Hi. I met you when you were shooting the Tour DuPont love your photos ma’am..” R. Baker

“Beth those pictures are beautiful. The lighting was on point. Thanks again. Krista”

“You are so wonderful to work with.” -Claire

“They look amazing!!” – Christine

“These all look so great – thank you!!” Amarah

“grazie mille sei stata gentilissima belle foto BRAVA…” – C. Minardi

“I was an admirer of your photography when you were selling prints recently. I look at a lot of images. I have seen dozens of moose in the Canadian Northland. I am sick of moose in the Canadian Northland. Your work has a sense of light and a sense of subtle theme: talent that goes beyond being in the right place in the right time. You are a damn good photographer” -R. Simon Sept 1978

Interview on GoSolo. https://gosolo.subkit.com/beth-schneider/